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We have everything you could need from a trusted family dental practice.

So, how exactly can we help you today?

Did you bite down on something during the week and now your tooth is killing you? Or know you haven’t been for a while and you’ve got this nagging feeling that you really better get your teeth checked? Whatever your reason for being here, we can help.

Whether you’re feeling some pain, in need of a check-up or just want whiter, better-looking teeth, we’ve got just the right treatment for you.

Let’s see how we can help.

Thornbury Family Dental,

Building Confidence One Smile at a Time.

Safety, comfort and a soft touch

It doesn’t matter whether you’re little or big – at some stage in our lives, we can all be a little bit scared of the dentist due to a previous bad experience.

For kids, the newness of the experience can be challenging. And at some clinics, apparently the appointment can end in a tonne of waterworks (or so we hear ;).

For us adults, we can often think it’s either going to hurt our mouths or our wallets (or both!).

We’re on a mission to change all of that. 

At Thornbury Family Dental, we want you to finally have a safe, happy place for you (and your family) to visit for your oral health.

Rest assured, our dentists and support staff have been carefully trained in the art of patient care. We use the latest in cutting-edge dentistry technology to ensure your visit is as painless as possible for your mouth (and your bank balance).

50% OFF

1-Hour Initial Comprehensive Check-up

Because We Want You To Be Spending Your Money On The
Things You Love (Which We Know Is Probably Not The Dentist)!

Your dentist protects you in more ways than you realise.

Dentists play a huge role in your overall physical and emotional health.

From checking your teeth for micro-fractures to helping with early detection of cancer, the health inside your mouth has a significant impact on the health of the rest of your body.

That’s why routine visits to your dentist are so important to help keep you out of trouble.

And it only takes an hour or so out of your day.

We think it’s a pretty good way to invest your time for your future health, don’t you agree?

We know it may have been a while though. That’s ok. We get it.

Most people find it hard to get excited about a visit to the dentist. When it’s a choice between sitting in a dental chair or an afternoon doing anything else but that, it’s always tempting to choose the latter.

But we also know that there’s possibly a voice in the back of your head saying:

“Are my teeth and gums really still ok?”

Maybe it was a few months or years ago (whoops!). We don’t judge. We know you have a busy life to lead and spending an afternoon at the dentist isn’t many people’s idea of a fun time.

The important thing is that you’re here today.

We don’t mind when your last appointment was so let’s put that nagging feeling to rest.

Here at Thornbury Family Dental, we run a judgement-free environment so you don’t have to be embarrassed on your next visit.

We’ve created a dental practice that focuses on you and your family’s needs. It’s a place where your comfort and health are most important.

Put that nagging feeling to rest. Grab this opportunity and take charge of your oral health by taking advantage of our 50% off initial comprehensive check-up.

Book your judgement-free check-up today.

Same-day visits, weekend bookings and late opening hours

You already know how important your oral health is. But we also know how busy you are which is why you sometimes have to put off making an appointment.

That’s why we’ve made sure our clinic is as accessible as possible.

Call us up when you have a free day or drop in after work for a convenient check-up. Got kids to look after that makes time management a little tricky? Don’t hesitate to bring them along – we’ll make sure we keep them entertained.

Big smiles for your little ones with FREE* dental care

In our years of experience helping children and adults, we’ve seen it all – from tooth decay to tantrums (and that’s not just the kids!).

But we always manage to get a great smile in the end.

We know how much you care about the health of your little ones. We take that to heart.

Our goal is to set them up with healthy mouths from a young age so that they stay happy and healthy well into their adult years.

*Plus if you’re eligible, get free dental healthcare for your child under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CBDS) and ensure great oral health for your little ones.

We run a family practice
because we’re a family, too.

Dr Alice and Dr Oliver are a husband and wife team. That’s why it’s so important to us that our practice is as stress-free for everyone as possible.

Whether you’re coming alone, dragging a partner along (it happens!) or bringing the kids in, we want you to know that you and your family are in safe hands.

  • Stay healthy for life with comprehensive dental care.
  • Build a life-long relationship between you and your dentist.
  • Enjoy a comforting, open-plan clinic that feels like home.
  • Get flexible care that fits around your busy schedule.
  • Access the latest treatments and technologies.

Smiles That Capture Our Best Selves

Our smile makeover treatment can make a dramatic impact on your health, as well as how you look. There’s nothing like feeling your best in that photo at the beach, feeling confident giving a presentation in front of a room of people in the office or when grabbing a coffee and chatting with a friend at your favourite cafe.

Your smile deserves to be seen. We’re here to help make that happen and make sure it stays that way.

Take a look at some of our success stories below.

Invisalign: A Better Looking Smile

This lovely patient of ours came to us not liking the appearance of his smile, with him pointing out that he feels the upper canines look like they stick-out. He was also not happy with how his front teeth did not look evenly shaped, all of the reasons coming together to make him feel self-conscious about his smile.

Invisalign: A Better Looking Smile and Fix Worn Down Teeth

As the story goes, she was looking to get married in a few months, and did not like the appearance of her teeth, especially her lower teeth not being straight. She did also have a deep bite, and grinds her teeth during sleep, which over the years have caused much chipping and wear. She no longer had wanted to ‘make-do’, and want to be wedding-ready!

Invisalign: Had Braces in the Past but Teeth Have Since Moved

If only I had kept wearing my retainers!” This patient’s reason is a very common one – she has had orthodontic treatment in the past but has not worn her retainers ever since, and her teeth have now relapsed or gone crooked again! The ‘before’ photo shows her lower teeth not being aligned again – which is how it normally starts.

Veneer/Crown: Darkened Teeth and Old Crowns That Don’t Look Good Anymore

This situation had slowly sneaked up on our patient seen here. She had nocked her two front teeth at a young age, and had to have root canal treatment at the time. She had subsequently had two crowns placed. Over time, as decades go by, the teeth have become more and more discoloured, and was now showing through the pink gums!

Veneer/Crown: Weakened, Cracked, Worn Front Teeth

One or two years had gone by, and this is how he’d presented – with cracked front teeth and dark staining associated with them. We’d soon agreed that we shouldn’t let the crack worsen and actually split the teeth in half, knowing taking the teeth out would then be necessary, follow by some sort of treatment like dental implants to fill the gaps.

Aesthetic Build-Up: Gap Between Front Teeth

This young professional was always on the go. Travelling most of the time for work, which doesn’t have a set schedule, leaves him not much time for anything else, let alone dental appointments. We’d worked out very quickly together that at that point in time, he was not able to commit to treatments like Invisalign or smile makeovers.


Here’s why Thornbury Family Dental is different

We work hard to take care of your health and create smiles that look amazing and help you feel more confident.

However there’s one more thing that really sets us apart from everyone else…

We truly care about our patients’ health. When you welcome us into your lives, you become a part of the Thornbury Family Dental family.

Now is the best time for cost-effective dental health treatment.

We believe that everyone has the right to great dental care so we want to make it a no brainer for you.
Here’s 50% off your essential 1-hour dental health check-up. That includes:

A Thorough Dental
Health Examination

Photos Of Your
Mouth And Teeth


Gum And Soft
Tissue Analysis

Oral Cancer

A Treatment
Strategy Planning

A Thorough Dental Health Examination

Photos Of Your Mouth And Teeth


Gum And
Soft Tissue Analysis

Oral Cancer Screening

A Treatment Strategy Planning Session

Don’t hesitate. Take action now and book today and claim your discount.