Family & Children’s Dental Care in Thornbury

At Thornbury Family Dental, we believe your entire family deserves to have healthy teeth for life. Our dental team can protect your smile, no matter what your age or level of oral health, so that you can have a look you’re proud to show off. We offer an array of family and children’s dentistry services for your benefit.

Children’s Dentistry

Parents know about the importance of catching any potential problems early. We recommend that your child’s first dental appointment take place at age 1, allowing them to feel familiar with the dentist and our practice. Beginning healthy oral habits young means that any issues can be caught and treated immediately in the most cost-effective and least invasive ways.

Caring for Baby Teeth

“It’s just baby teeth that will fall out anyway — what does it matter?” This dental myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Your baby’s teeth are the foundation of their future oral health. If not properly cared for with regular oral hygiene habits, it can lead to greater problems further down the road. We’ll be happy to discuss the best ways to ensure your child’s teeth are protected with you at their appointment and address any potential issues immediately.

Paediatric Dental Services

With a gentle, friendly team of dentists, your child can learn early on that their appointments can be a pleasant experience. In addition to teaching them proper oral hygiene, we offer a range of services that children can often benefit from:

  • Fissure sealants
  • Comprehensive examinations
  • Tooth-coloured fillings
  • Remineralising and fluoride treatments

Learn About the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

As a parent, your highest priority is safeguarding your child’s wellbeing. The federal government has introduced the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CBDS) which makes oral health assessable to all children.

The CBDS is for children who are

  • Between 2 to 17 years old
  • Enrolled in Medicare
  • In families that receive certain payments for at least part of the calendar year, such as Family Tax Benefit A payments

What’s Covered?

CBDS covers dental services including examinations, X-rays, fissure sealing, cleanings, extractions, fillings and root canals. However it does not include orthodontic, cosmetic or services performed in hospital.The benefit provides up to $1000 that can be used over the course of two years.

Begin Your Child’s Journey to Lifetime Oral Health with Thornbury Family Dental

While not all dentists are providers for the CBDS, at Thornbury Family Dental we’re happy to provide treatment for those covered under the plan. We’ll explain all expenses up front to you, ensuring that we have parental consent before starting treatment. Once all costs have been outlined, you can decide if you’d like to use the allocation all at once if it’s necessary to do so, or if you’d prefer to spread it out over the two-year period. If you’re unsure how much your child has left of their allocation, we’ll look that information up for you and inform you of any possible out-of-pocket expenses.


At Thornbury Family Dental we are passionate about children having access to the best dental care available. We have evening and Saturday appointments available, so there’s no need to miss school! Same-day, weekday after-hours, and Saturday visits are available. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!