Fissure Sealants in Thornbury

Thornbury Family Dental proudly offers fissure sealants to patients of all ages, as it isn’t just younger children that can benefit from them. What are they, you might wonder? Fissure sealants are plastic coatings that cover the chewing surfaces of teeth, preventing tooth decay. Known to last up to ten years, they are designed to form a protective barrier that stops food and bacteria from entering the teeth.

Fissure sealants may be your answer to better oral health. Learn more about what they may have to offer you today!

How Do They Help?

If you are worried about tooth decay or have found that your teeth have black/dark stained grooves, fissure sealants may be the right solution for you. Unlike other dental care options, they are pain-free and are relatively quick to apply. Fissure sealants tend to be a good option for those who do not enjoy teeth-drilling and wanting to avoid the extended treatment time of fillings. Working as a seal to stop anything harmful from entering the teeth, they are really a non-invasive procedure. If this sounds like a treatment that may be compatible with your needs, contact us for additional information.


The first step to sealing over deep grooves and fissures is to ensure they are clean and free of bacteria and debris. We use a fine brush to carry out the cleaning process and to check to ensure there is no active decay present. This process is usually quick and pain free. There has been instances where we do find a small amount of decay present, in these cases, a restoration/filling may be required instead of a fissure sealant.

Have Questions About Your Smile?

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