Dental Checkups and Cleans in Thornbury



Comprehensive Check up


Here at Thornbury Family Dental, healthy smiles are important to us. Similar to other self-care regimens, optimal dental results are achieved through consistency. We are dedicated to routine, compassionate care that leaves our patients happy and healthy. Let us work with you to maintain your smile for years to come!

Why Are Regular Visits Important?

A neglected mouth can result in several health consequences. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis prevents calcified plaque and tartar buildup that sometimes leads to periodontal disease. Better known as gum disease, periodontal disease often causes tooth and bone loss, which has also recently been linked to heart diseases. Our practice is here to provide you the preventative care your mouth deserves.

Our Process

During your initial appointment, our leading dentists will thoroughly assess your teeth, along with taking photographs and x-rays if need be. Your teeth cleaning will usually happen at the following appointment, allowing us plenty of time to focus on gently eliminating calcified plaque and tartar buildup that has collected along the teeth and under the gums. This consistent care has been known to stop or even reverse symptoms of gingivitis, decrease risk of future cavities, and preserve natural teeth for years to come.

Home Dental Hygiene

Happy, healthy smiles are achieved both inside and outside of the dentist office. While our job is to help you maintain your oral hygiene, the best results happen in the comfort of your own home. A steadfast home care regimen is crucial to keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. To clean the hard-to-reach areas between the teeth and below the gumlines, Thornbury Family Dental suggests at least two minutes of brushing per day as well as daily flossing. However, despite your dedication to at-home dental hygiene, small amounts of unwanted buildup is inevitable. If left unaddressed, you may begin to experience symptoms of gingivitis.

Beware of Gingivitis

Although calcified plaque and tartar buildup is inevitable, gingivitis can be avoided if taking proper precautions. We understand that life gets busy and sufficient at-home dental care can be easily forgotten. Beware of the common signs and symptoms of gingivitis, including:
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Bleeding while brushing or flossing
  • Food constantly catching between the teeth
Say no to gingivitis by consistently brushing and flossing your teeth twice each day. Along with gingivitis, there are several other oral health complications that can arise due to poor dental hygiene. To ensure healthy teeth, you must do your part. Our practice is here to help guide you along the way.

Have Questions About Dental Care Routine?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your daily dental care routine! We are happy to assist you in any way we can.