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Missing teeth can have negative effects on our self-esteem, confidence and even our social lives. The most advanced solution available to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth is available at Thornbury Family Dental. With dental implants, we offer an alternative to bridges or uncomfortable dentures, with the look and function of a natural tooth. They’re extremely stable and even help maintain the structure of your jawbone. Both the placement of the implant and the restoration on top of the implant can be completed at our practice. You can lie back, relax and watch a programme of your choosing on the television in the ceiling, knowing you’re in capable hands each step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do implants work?

The first step is to have our dentists evaluate you so that we are certain you’re a candidate for dental implants. A titanium implant is put into the jawbone, then allowed to heal. Later, you’ll return to have the implant topped with either a crown or bridge, and upper, lower or complete denture, depending on your particular situation. It may take as little as two visits to complete the process of receiving an implant.

Why choose dental implants?

This permanent solution to tooth replacement has the function and appearance of a natural tooth. Aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be able to eat, speak and chew without having to worry. Since it doesn’t need to be removed, it can be cleaned just like a regular tooth. There is no bulky feeling involved as you might experience with uncomfortable dentures.

Who is a candidate for a dental implant?

If you have a single tooth missing or want to replace multiple teeth but don’t want to have a denture or bridge, dental implants may be the right solution for you. The treatment is tailored to each individual, ensuring that we suit your needs.

There can be a contraindication with some types of medications. If you smoke, we may encourage you to take a holiday from your habit to receive the implant and allow for healing.

Where do you source the materials used?

Our practice uses only local laboratories and Australian-made materials. Nothing is sent overseas.

Will I feel pain?

Local anaesthesia is used to keep you comfortable during the procedure, and oral sedatives are also available if needed. Often, our patients feel surprised at how easy it is to get an implant.

If you required bone to be transplanted before the placement of the implant, swelling and discomfort may occur as they would with a routine tooth extraction.

What can I expect after receiving a dental implant?

You may feel some soreness around the implant site for 2-7 days. To look after your implant, you can keep it clean with brushing and flossing. Our dentists can prescribe antibiotics after your procedure if needed.

You’ll have a follow-up appointment when the process is completed to ensure that your dental implant fits seamlessly into your mouth.

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