Crowns and Bridges

At Thornbury Family Dental, a range of state-of-the-art dental solutions is offered to suit your needs. Crowns and bridges are two options commonly used to strengthen existing teeth or to fill a gap where a tooth or teeth are missing. Over the course of just two appointments, you can leave our practice showing off a smile that you’re proud to have.

Protection From a Dental Crown

Crowns, which are also referred to as “caps,” go over an existing tooth to strengthen the remaining structure. They can also be placed on the top of a dental implant. If your tooth has been cracked, fractured, has a filling that needs replacement or received a root canal, a crown may be necessary. Our crowns are made in a local Australian laboratory.

Replacing Teeth With a Dental Bridge

A bridge can be anchored to dental implants or the teeth on either side of a gap. It looks like crowns that have been bonded to each other and is permanently affixed in place. It’s convenient and a great alternative to partial dentures.

Maintaining Your Restoration

Crowns and bridges will last for years given proper care. It can be treated just like a natural tooth. Be sure to brush the restoration and floss around it every day. Though the crown or bridge isn’t a real tooth, the gum around the tooth or the structure remaining under the crown can still be damaged and cause problems if oral hygiene habits aren’t adhered to.


We understand that you may not be certain of the dental solution that’s right for you. Our dental team will be happy to meet with you, evaluate your needs and make their best recommendations. Contact us today by phone or email to schedule your first appointment! We’re here for you on Saturdays and offer convenient, same-day visits for immediate attention.