Teeth Whitening in Thornbury

The professional-grade whitening systems available at Thornbury Family Dental are safe, simple and comfortable. Our dental team is fully trained and qualified to give brighter, more sparkling smiles.

Whether you’d like to complete whitening in a single appointment in-chair or prefer to do so in the comfort of your home, these systems can give incredible, long-lasting results.

Why Choose Us?

Teeth whitening in Thornbury is an efficient and effective way to look more youthful and vital. When you choose to have your whitening guided by our team, you can rest assured that the most stringent safety protocols are adhered to. Unlike over-the-counter options bought in a shop, you won’t have to worry about risk of damage.

The first step involves a comprehensive consultation, where we’ll ensure that you’re a candidate for whitening and can get the results you want. Your teeth are then scaled, cleaned, polished and flossed. Impressions are taken of your teeth to create trays which can top up in-chair whitening or can be taken home if you choose at-home whitening.

In Chair Teeth Whitening

Our professional, Australian Department of Health Approved whitening system can give you up to eight shades of whitening power in just 45 minutes. It treats the whole tooth, not just the surface, and is clinically proven to protect enamel while improving the lustre and smoothness of the teeth.

To begin, your gums will be protected with a specialised coating. Then, the whitening gel is applied that breaks up the stain molecules on and inside teeth. LED light may then be applied.

With a television in the ceiling, you can sit back, relax and watch a programme of your choosing. Our dental team will check on you at regular intervals. When complete, you’ll receive an after-care package with essential items, including trays to top up your whitening.

Take-Home Whitening

If you choose to apply your whitening at home, the trays we’ve made for your teeth will fit you perfectly for superior results. Our dental team will detail exactly what you need to do so that you can proceed with confidence. The whitening gel must be refrigerated when not in use, always kept at under 25 degrees.  Whitening is completed over a period of two weeks or more, with the whitening gel applied every night for up to one hour. We only supply high quality Australian Department of Health approved whitening products; as we take our patients’ safety seriously, whilst achieving great results.


If you’d like to get the gleaming smile of your dreams, book an appointment today!

*Results may vary depending on a patient’s original teeth colour and their lifestyle choices.