Dentures in Thornbury

Thornbury Family Dental is dedicated to providing an assortment of solutions that are designed to meet your unique dental needs. As many people find themselves in need of a tooth replacement after losing one or more teeth, we are glad to offer dentures, or removable prosthetics, to fill the empty spaces and give you your smile back.

Learn more about dentures and what they may have to offer your smile!

Smile Bigger with Us on Your Side

Dentures serve to replace and act as missing teeth. To ensure you have the perfect denture to suit your personal needs, we will schedule an appointment to discuss with you the several choices you might have. As dentures come in a variety of materials to meet various needs, be sure to communicate your goals and consider your options during your visit. After we establish that dentures are the best treatment option for you and your preferred materials have been selected and confirmed, we will gather impressions and other information that we will need in order to have your denture completed. Once your custom denture is complete, you will return to our practice your denture fitting. After you have been fitted and started to wear your denture home, it can still take up to a few weeks in order for you to become comfortable with the denture – especially if you are new to the process.

Temporary Side Effects

Slight pain and discomfort while adjusting to a new denture is common. These can include sore spots and small ulcerations. Be patient with yourself as you break in your new denture, allowing yourself time to become accustomed to the cosmetic additive. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that may arise during your first few weeks of daily wear.

Who Can Benefit?

Adults of all ages and dentistry needs can benefit from dentures. For those who are missing one tooth, dentures can easily close the gap to give you a complete set of teeth. For those who are missing several teeth, dentures offer a safe path to achieving the appearance of a natural smile. Whether you are missing one tooth or several teeth, you may find that dentures are one of the best solutions to restoring your smile. Thornbury Family Dental is here to help you navigate the denture process as easily as possible! Make the move toward a smile you can enjoy day in and day out with our qualified professionals supporting you along the way.

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Contact our practice to learn more about dentures and what they might be able to offer your oral confidence. There is no better time than now. We look forward to witnessing you achieve the smile of your dreams!