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General Dental Care in Thornbury

Child and adults alike require various dental services at different times in life. At Thornbury Family Dental, our dentists serve your needs with general dental in Thornbury to improve and maintain your oral health. We look forward to assisting you!

Comprehensive Examinations

Your initial appointment with your dentist will involve laying the groundwork for any future recommendations. We’ll begin with looking at each individual tooth, your gums and the tissues in your mouth and take any X-rays that are necessary. The next step will be to plan any future treatments you need, making sure that you’re involved and fully informed of all your options so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Composite Fillings

Most adults have experienced needing a filling due to tooth decay. Some may even have a mouthful of silver fillings. Our clinic uses only composite, tooth-coloured fillings that are free from harmful substances and blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. They’re attractive, strengthening and long-lasting.

Dental Hygiene

Your routine visits allow for the prevention of more serious dental issues that can occur in the future if left unchecked. Not only will treatment be easier if any problems are caught early, but you’ll also save money from having to receive more costly procedures. Your dentist will provide you with instructions on home care and the best products and routines to use to ensure your continued oral health. We’ll also discuss how often we feel routine visits are necessary for you.

Protective Sealants

Save yourself and your children from the discomfort and financial hardship involved in tooth decay with protective sealants. Your back molars can be tough to keep clean. With this protective sealant that bonds to your teeth, a barrier is formed that will help keep bacteria away from tooth surfaces. The application is quick, easy and gives about five years of protection.

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